Nothing more boring than a seminar HR makes you go to, until the CareWise Solutions workshop! I was surprised at how interesting the workshop was, and how hands-on the exercises were. I’m glad I went. I have new ideas to stay productive at work and make sure my father who is going blind gets the help he needs.
I just attended my first CareWise workshop that my company set up for all employees. I’m not really a caregiver (yet) because I only help my mom with a few errands every week. I see where this is headed now, so it will be easier to plan so I can make sure she gets what she needs, and I keep my job.
We had a CareWise seminar at work last week. I’m still pumped! I love the ideas for supporting caregivers. I’m not a caregiver right now, but I manage several people who are. I’m glad our HR dept set up the seminars.
I wasn’t sure about this Baby Boomer Caregiver Crisis thing, but the board of directors told me to implement something. So, I implemented CareWise Solutions, honestly just to get the board off my back. Amazingly, profits are up. I’ve been pretty hands off, but something’s working.
As a manager, I recently realized some of the people I work with are caregivers, too. Some struggle more than others, so when our HR department set up the CareWise employee survey and workshops we were interested to see what difference it could make. I’m pleased to say that we have implemented some of the CareWise Solutions and have a plan in place. Well worth the time.
We’re a family owned business. The Family Council told the board we must do something to properly support the caregivers we have on staff. In searching for alternative benefits, I came across CareWise on LinkedIn. I like that their focus is the business being profitable, and not telling people to mediate and take a bubble bath! We have implemented some new strategies that support our staff, and are first on the list for the new app.
We are hiring. It seems like we are always hiring anymore. One of the top applicants took me off guard in the interview. He said his wife has ALS and he needs some flexibility in his work to manage her care. He showed me the CareWise Solutions website and asked if our organization implemented any of the strategies. I had to say not yet, but we need better strategies for workforce management and some better alternative benefits. So, I had a look. We are implementing some CareWise Solutions, and yes, I hired him. He’s overseeing much of the process.
I manage a jewelry store with long hours and my husband has a job that requires him to travel. His mother is right at that point between being able to care for herself and needing to go into an assisted living situation. Talk about stress! The CareWise Solutions package helped us all 3 work together, with our employers, to create reasonable boundaries and not get caught up making emotional decisions at this difficult time.
Before my dad passed, I took a 12 week leave to help the family. Now that my mom is sick, I wish I had the flexibility to do that again. My kids and I need the money from my job so there is no way I can go for 3 months without pay. I’ve read the blogs about remembering to take care of yourself and all that crap. True enough, sure, but what I needed to know was how to keep working and not lose it. Many thanks to my company for putting on the CareWise series of seminars. My mom and kids thank you, too.