Our CareWise Solutions Team

Our Team

CareWise™ Solutions has convened a global team bringing innovative solutions in a new marketplace- a work-life and caring ecosystem. CareWise™ Solutions for employers and employee-caregivers is our specialty.

We are a modest entrepreneurial group living and working in the United States, South America, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and the UK.

We are operating in a global, digital workspace with a just in time work ethic.  In our business, we write about the extent to which the nature of working and living is changing. We are excited about being a model of productivity — always improving information sharing and project management technology applications.  Sometimes   digital working is easy, somedays the glitches slow us down, but we enjoy this ever-changing digital world.

Most members of our team bring personal experience in the dual role of being a caregiver and earning a living.  That definitely increases our sensitivity and makes our words much more than just talk. We know that you need solutions!

We hope that our customers share in our enthusiasm and will advocate for making a difference in the way we all live, work and care…  we call it Employment in an Aging Society.

In Memoriam

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of my dear friend and CareWise™ Solutions business partner Ed Konczal, who passed away suddenly in July 2019.  You are missed.

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