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Our Story

CareWise™ Solutions assists employees, employee-carers, CEOs, HR Managers, General Managers, Carer Association staff – anyone who finds themselves living or addressing the employment, personal or lifestyle challenges of a carer role – Or supporting employees and others who are facing these challenges.

At CareWise™ Solutions, we understand that real stories pack a punch for those involved. They are engaging, informative, have an emotional impact – and provide gems of information, ideas, or other contacts and resources that can lead to life-changing, or workplace-changing action. They work equally well for Employers and Employee-Carers – and they even have an impact on policy makers such as politicians – everyone loves them.

CareWise™ Solutions uses these stories in its information, presentations, workshops, books, blogs and other resources. While some of CareWise™ Solutions information, stories, and other resources are free for all through our website and many of our presentations – we must charge fees to access our library and most of our workshops. Often these fees are paid by companies/employers or Associations providing their Employees (Employee-Caregivers, Managers, other Employees or Members) with specialized workshops, resources, and other services provided by CareWise™ Solutions.

Anyone can subscribe to our library through our website Platform. This opens up a world of information, resources and support. Your story will become part of this amazing collection.