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The CareWise™ Learning Center is the hub for CareWise™ solutions for employee-caregivers and their employers. Access specialized research and resources to support the employer-employee relationship throughout the caregiving cycle.

Customized packages are available in the CareWise™ Store for employee-caregivers, employers, and HR professionals to gain the information and resources needed on this caregiving journey.

This continually expanding platform contains workshops, white papers, action sheets, booklets and books, plus facts and figures data. New surveys and reports, specialist blogs and infographics regarding Employee-Caregivers, Employment and Management, Caregiving and a range of related issues are always being added.

CareWise™ Organizations

Across the country, organizations are recognizing the need to respond to their employees who have family caregiving responsibilities. Over 30% of employees carry this burden, costing employers an estimated 2% of annual revenue.

Employee-caregivers deal with burnout, lowered productivity and absentee issues as they are torn between their responsibilities at work and with aging family members.

These organizations also recognize how difficult it is to manage this issue alone. The statistics are clear (see Harvard’s Report), and the situation is only getting worse as 10,000 new Baby Boomers turn 65 years old every day in America. But solutions are hard to find.

Custom Solutions for Unique Businesses

Our founder, Jeannette Galvanek, develops customized programs for organizations to meet specific employee-caregiver support requirements.

  • Some companies need just a few minor adjustments to employee benefits packages.
  • Other companies find technological ideas designed to free up team members increases productivity for employee-caregivers and those they work with.
  • Many companies find the cultural adjustment required to support employee-caregivers requires some employee training.
  • Sometimes there are surveys.
  • Often there are meetings.
  • Usually, there are courses.
  • Always, there are results.

As organizations implement more CareWise™ Solutions, they recoup more of that estimated $6,000 loss per employee.
If you want more than a packaged solution, CONTACT US for an assessment of your situation and customized resources to have the greatest possible impact.

There is a way to balance family responsibilities by making caregiving easier and allowing employees to stay at work.
The CareWise Companion reinvents caregiving for employed caregivers.

No expensive devices to purchase. Just an easy-to-use, intuitive app customized by the family who uses it for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Wonder about employee benefits? The HR department provides a library of information and chat access. The app sets up medical appointments, rides, video conferencing, meals, groceries, a handyman, an online therapy session, and make TV show recommendations. Even a panic button that instantly calls everyone in the care circle. A tap on the screen is all it takes.

No more taking the day off work, for these errands. Coordinate care, without being the only one there to provide care.
With the CareWise Companion App, family caregiving just got easier. Made to support the employed caregiver.



What Is a Carewise™ Organization?

Explore the need and profitable actions, to commence the CareWise™ Solutions journey in any organization. Identify employment challenges facing Employee-Caregivers and their employers plus effective solutions to preserve employment in our aging society.

Building a CareWise™ Organization

Create a CareWise™ culture step-by-step. Survey your employees to get the facts about Employee-Caregivers in your organization, address your mission, vision, values, culture, policies, learning and development and leverage the impact of technology.

Caregivers and Caregiving – The Big Picture

Support Employee-Caregivers and their Employers by addressing the challenges faced daily, grappling with conflicting demands and pressures of dual caregiving and employment roles. See how employer solutions for employed individuals and their families improve productivity and income security.

The complete set

Caregivers and Caregiving – The Big Picture

What Is a Carewise™ Organization?

Building a CareWise™ Organization

Just in Time Training Series

The CareWise™ Just in Time Training Series of information papers and linked action sheets support employee-caregivers, their employers. Each topic allows individual employee-caregivers, and their employers, develop strategic action plans. Learn more about how the Caregiver Crisis in America impacts your bottom line and how your organization can retain valuable employees.

  • Understanding What Is a CareWise™ Organization?
  • Time for Action! Building Your CareWise™ Organization
  • Making A Start Towards Your CareWise™ Organization
  • Building Your CareWise™ Organization
  • Caregivers, Caregiving and Employment: What Is the Big Picture?

Baby Boomers are taking your workforce and demanding they work as volunteer family caregivers. The Boomers deserve care, but if organizations take no action, by 2030, more than 70% of workers will be torn between their jobs and family. Nobody should have to make that choice.

Keep your employees on the job. Act now! There are solutions. CareWise Solutions™ keep your people working and caring.

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