What are we offering?

We welcome all genuine interest that is aligned with our mission and vision.
This can include: Direct equity investment , Joint venture proposals , Other genuine proposals.

CareWise™ Solutions Offers A Unique Investment Opportunity

Looking to expand your existing operations, add a new service line, or start a new business venture? CareWise™ Solutions is the only company operating across the commercial space inhabited by employers (organizations) and employees who are also caregivers! It is estimated that there are more than 42 million Employee-Caregivers currently in the USA – and this is an international problem.

We provide innovative services and products for employers and Caregivers as they address the challenges that are emerging and seriously impacting both groups. To find out more about this window of opportunity – please download the attached document and give us a call. We are ready to talk business!

CareWise™ Solutions welcomes investor interest – a unique opportunity why CareWise™ Solutions?

Who Can Benefit?


  • Market and sell health care and associated insurance services – especially for employees and older people
  • Market and sell Apps and associated technologies focused on improving the quality of life for older people, their caregivers – and Employee-Caregiver engagement, productivity and retention for employers
  • Provide consultancy and business services and want expand your market
  • Are an investor looking for the “next big thing or access to millions of potential new customers.

Why CareWise™ Solutions?

  • In the US it is estimated that more than one quarter of employees with Caregiver responsibilities are currently active workforce.
  • This is over 42Million employees nation-wide – and counting
  • Caregivers are intimately connected to an aging population (generally family) that adds daily to these numbers
  • The focus is on guiding and assisting in the creation of CareWise™ organizations that produce win-win outcomes for all the parties involved.
  • CareWise™ Solutions has been building a unique Employer/Employee-Caregiver resource to action ecosystem for the last eight years.
  • Our constantly expanding system brings Information, Understanding and Action by Employee-Caregivers and employers – as they grapple with the challenges that they all face in the workplace.

The opportunity

  • WE HAVE A WORLDWIDE MARKET: Employee-Caregivers are found in all developed countries – Along with their employers the potential market speaks for itself!
  • CareWise™ Solutions IS PRIVATELY OWNED: CareWise™ Solutions is privately owned and operates as a commercial entity. it is independent of government and NFP funding –- it is free to build commercial alliances that meet its mission and achieve its vision
  • CareWise™ Solutions IS UNIQUE: CareWise™ Solutions has experience and in depth understanding of the impacts of caregiving for employers and employees – We go far beyond other caregiver and employer organizations in addressing the impacts and challenges…
  • IT’S WHAT YOU DO THAT MATTERS: There is no one else in this space with an integrated Information to Understanding to Action approach… We have the Action focus to ourselves.
  • FIRST MOVER STATUS: CareWise™ Solutions has a window of opportunity to capitalize on its first mover status in this niche market.

CareWise™ Solutions. Trademark Protection, 2019

The term “CareWise” is a registered trademark belonging to my company. It is both a name and a concept. As a concept, it is mentioned in all references to my business, media and website materials as a central element in a Culture of Care (CoC). Organizations that are “CareWise” have responded to the challenges that face Employee-Caregivers, and Caregivers generally – and have made cultural and operational changes accordingly.

I expect to authorize the use of this trademark in any future projects and project documentation that we maybe associated with such as affiliates or partners who wish to distribute our products and services.

CareWise™ Solutions will bring considerable intellectual property to an investor and this emerging work-life care industry. We anticipate broad acceptance of this intellectual property in association with a product, platform use in projects in the form of executive business and workforce strategies, recommended policy and practice.

This shows up in all that I have created- extensive learning programs, a center for corporate high performance, a center for employee- webinars and sharing via different forms of media. etc. The list is growing every day as I launch action from 8 years of research, and aggregating societal, demographic, labor and technology trends into this CareWise Solutions business for improved business performance.

What this means is that we do not talk about a culture of care, we build individual and corporate competencies to perform in a care-intensive employee-Employment in an Aging Society /demographic environment.  At this time, I have a “CareWise Hub” that is planned to expand to meet the needs of the total team, operate across traditional boundaries and optimize productivity. It will minimally reduce 2% of lost revenues, build growth-focused productivity.

This work may be made available on the contractual understanding that the Copyright remains with CareWise™ Solutions…. and that it can’t be sold or distributed in any form without CareWise™ Solutions’ written consent. All such IP will be clearly identified as CareWise™ Solutions copyright before it is provided for use. Under certain circumstances, CareWise™ Solutions may agree to sell the copyright to the funding organization. Usage fees may alternatively be requested. This would be a matter for clarification in the event that we proceed to a Project Agreement or another business construct.


Jeannette Galvanek
CEO, CareWise™ Solutions

“As the owner of CareWise™ Solutions, Inc., Jeannette addresses the often-hidden impacts – on employment, lifestyle and well-being-of Employee-Caregivers and Caregivers generally who are often stretched to the breaking point meeting their dual responsibilities.