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HR professionals across the nation face the Caregiver-Crisis in their organizations daily. Extended leaves-of-absence, absenteeism, presenteeism and unproductive workers impact the bottom-line. Estimates suggest that corporations lose 5% of revenue to caregiving-related issues.

Still, most current solutions force the responsibility onto the caregivers themselves. They are told to “manage their self-care” better and learn to “meditate to destress.”

HR departments have had enough. HR Professionals are stepping forward to refuse to accept these ineffective, personal-style suggestions. Organizations demand real results-oriented business solutions.

CareWise™ HR Solutions

CHROs lead organizations by implementing alternative benefit programs to keep employees on-the-job. More than simple occasional lunchtime seminars, hard-hitting, real solutions are necessary.

CareWise Solutions™ offers a wide range of solutions for HR Professionals to support their organizations through the Employee-Caregiver transition. By 2030, more than 7 out of every 10 employees will be caring for someone. Companies must adapt to this change in the workforce.

  • Professional Employee-Caregiver Surveys
    with comprehensive reports and full recommendations for alternative benefits packages.
  • Technological Solutions
    App trials, remote work consultations, freelance options. Talk to us about how your organization could be involved in a trial of a evolutionary new Smartphone App. This innovative App is designed to help caregivers oversee care instead of providing it themselves.
  • Cross-functional Team Profitability Challenge Sessions
    Strategic planning for short and long-term solutions.
  • Employee-Caregiver Workshops
    Designed to shift corporate culture to become more supportive of caregiving challenges. Reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and improves morale.
  • CareWise™ Safe Space
    Design and implementation of the CareWise Safe Space concept to keep Employee-Caregivers on-the-job.
  • HR Solutions Webinars
    Secure private webinars for your own staff or join with other organizations for cross-creativity. Jeannette Galvanek, former AT&T HR VP with an international reputation for HR innovation, leads HR professionals in discussions of how companies can meet this workforce crisis head-on. Schedule your 30-minute conference call now. Limited seating.
  • CareWise™ HR Solutions Packages
    Whitepapers, Action Sheets, Pre-packaged workshop materials available at the CareWise™ Store.

HR Center Products Offer

CareWise™ Solutions offers a wide range of solutions for HR Professionals to support their organizations through the Employee-Caregiver transition.

Grab the complete bunch of products right from our CareWise™ Store.

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CareWise Solutions™

Preserving Employment in an Aging Society

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Harvard Report

American organizations are now starting to recognize the magnitude of the caregiving employee issue. This recent Harvard University Report explains this corporate crisis caused by societal employee-caregiving expectations. But solutions are hard to find.

From: Harvard Business School’s Report The Caring Company: How Employers Can Cut Costs and Boost Productivity by Helping Employees Manage Caregiving Needs). Joseph B. Fuller and Manjari Raman, 2019.