If you are an employee who is also a family caregiver -or an employer – then you are aware of some of the challenges that accompany Employee-Caregivers into the workplace each day. CareWise™ Solutions is the only organization dedicated to addressing these workplace and employment challenges. It is your one-stop-shop for the CareWise™ information, understanding and action required for everyone involved to meet these challenges. CareWise™ Solutions is a solutions business with a social conscience – and deep understanding of the implications of these challenges for organizations and their employees! It’s journey and we work with you for win-win outcomes.

Maybe YOU are! If not now – then in the future.  Many of us become family caregivers as our parents, or other close family members age, or are otherwise unable to fully care for themselves. They need assistance with the activities of daily living. Employee-Caregivers find themselves increasingly involved in providing the range of tasks needed for the person or persons they care for, to live safely in their home. Because many Caregivers also work, they find that the increasing Caregiver demands at home impact on their work in various ways. This can include arriving late, leaving early, rushing off to deal with an emergency, difficulty completing tasks on time and even facing the need to resign from their job as the caregiver role becomes a full-time job. The stressful, emotional and social impacts of all this, also take their toll at work. The current information suggests that, on average, more than half of employees across all organizations can be classified as Employee-Caregivers. Employee-Caregivers currently find themselves working in organizations that are only just becoming aware of the employment and workplace challenges and organization implications that come with their dual employment roles (on the job plus at home).

CareWise™ Solutions has registered this term and uses it to refer to individuals who understand and appreciate the challenges that the come with being an employee and a family caregiver. It also describes those organizations that demonstrate understanding of the impacts on most aspects of their operations that maybe half of their employees bring to work each day. A CareWise™ organization has applied this understanding to take various actions to address the challenges.

Because employee-caregivers’ “dual role” employment responsibilities impact across the organization, as well as into their family lives, the range of actions is equally diverse. For organizations, CareWise™ Solutions provides resources, learning and support programs, and a range of services that address organizational strategy, policy, culture, HR and management practices, employment processes and benefits and employee support in various forms.  Organizations that take real action to understand the challenges and apply solutions, in some or all of these areas, are considered by CareWise™ Solutions to be CareWise™.

Employee-caregivers generally find themselves drawn into their “dual role” employment responsibilities without any real appreciation of extent of the challenges. As the family caregiver role escalates (as it often does), they find the challenges of being a reliable and productive employee are impacted by the increasing demands of their family responsibilities. Providing daily care, shopping, doctor and other medical visits, dealing with emergencies including hospitalization, addressing government and care agency requirements – as well as a myriad of other demands on their time – play havoc with their energy, health and emotional state. CareWise™ Solutions provides Employee-Caregivers with information, understanding and various solutions to address these challenges. CareWise™ Employee-Caregivers build on these resources, with support from employers, family, friends – and the CareWise™ Solutions network – to take action that works for them.

Employers as well as Employee-Caregivers find themselves in an evolving world where information, understanding and actions are challenged by events, experiences and failures as well as successes. CareWise™ Solutions refers to this as a journey. A journey of awareness, of evolving understanding and ideas, of trial and error actions and eventual solutions. Each journey is different just as each organization is different and each Caregiver’s circumstances are different. It’s a journey that often has an undefined beginning, no real roadmap and an uncertain future or destination. CareWise™ Solutions is there with information, resources, services, programs and support for employers and Employee-Caregivers alike- when they need it – as they do their best to create their own roadmap.

Employee-Caregivers occupy positions at all levels in large corporations, large and medium businesses, and small businesses – as well as government and non-government organizations, foundations, and non-profits. They are everywhere and the best available research suggests they are present in surprisingly large numbers. Many of these employee-caregivers are also decision makers and can make our products and services available for their employees.

Many business owners, executives and Chief Human Resources Officers have found our platform to be a win – win for total team’s success. We offer very cost effective solutions so that small and large businesses can afford to support employee-caregivers. Corporations around the world are facing new demands as our society ages, touching most workers.  We prepare owners in understanding the impact and solutions for employment in an aging society. We support new corporate policy and operational direction for large businesses.

Most caregivers and their employers are already on the journey before they visit us at CareWise™ Solutions.  This site helps you develop your own roadmap by providing many options as the journey progresses… for example browse for information, shop for more detailed Papers, books and infographics, check out our Action Sheets for specific processes to implement, read our blogs and become a member to access additional resources, shop discounts, learning programs and support services… the list goes on! The journey is yours… we invite you to see CareWise™ Solutions as your travel companion and guide.

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