The CareWise Solutions™ Certified Consultant Program


Offered by LifeWorkx, Inc.




This document informs potential consultants of the CareWise™ Ecosystem Information, Understanding, Action and Program Resources available to them. On certification, CareWise™ Consultants receive specialized training to become confident in the use of CareWise™ programs and resources. CareWise™ provides new business lines applicable to consultant’s existing and potential clients.


The certification process to become a CareWise ™ Certified Consultant.

As an OD, training or HR consultant you could receive specific CareWise™ training and certification. Help your clients to proactively manage policies, corporate culture, change, and employee benefits. This allows you and your organization to utilize all CareWise™ systems and materials with your clients.

  • Assess current and future employee-caregiver needs
  • Documentation and statistical information for executive and management communication to understand the caregiving crisis, costs and urgency
  • CareWise™ plan development and implementation strategies
  • Develop practical company policies, insurance and resources to reduce costs and better support employee-caregivers
  • Innovation for remote and technological solutions
  • Employee attraction and retention strategies
  • Government and non-profit resources
  • Extensive employee-caregiver resources to cope with dual employment
  • Course materials for employee-caregivers, HR managers and key management personnel
  • Additional services available to provide employee-caregiver support

Provide proactive solutions to manage organizational caregiving crises with your clients. CareWise™ tools, information and courses for employers and employee-caregivers. Understand and analyze the impact of the caregiving crisis on your clients’ organizations. Includes CareWise™ data collection tools, analysis and presentation suggestions.

CareWise™ has collected a statistical overview of the employee-caregiver crisis in America suitable for presentation to decision-makers.

  • Documentation and statistical information
  • White papers, reports and high authority resources
  • Presentations for executive and management communication
  • Explanation of benefits of CareWise™ Solutions
  • Outline of potential remote and technological solutions
  • Overview of employee attraction and retention strategies
  • Government and non-profit resources

Make professional presentations about employee-caregiving to client management and executive teams. CareWise™ tools bring greater awareness of the employee-caregiver crisis in America, and in individual organizations.

Special Opportunities for Consultants

Once you complete your CareWise™ Certified Consultant training, local or niche client opportunity leads generated through the LifeWorkx website may be allocated to you. Please specify your niche, if applicable, in your application.

Plus, earn a commission for each contact you refer to LifeWorkx for CareWise Solutions™. Public speaking at conferences, working with the C-suite, or other specialized projects where the expertise of our founder Jeannette Galvanek is required are added to your income stream.

Your training will be a combination of self-paced study, and one-to-one or small group work directly with Jeannette Galvanek.

Only a limited number of Consultant Candidates are accepted at a time.

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