High Performance Center

High Performance Center

The High-Performance Center is the hub for CareWise™ Solutions for organizations. Access detailed statistical research and solution-oriented resources to support the employer-employee relationship while reducing costs and improving productivity.

Solutions packages are available for Employers, and HR professionals to gain the information and resources needed on this caregiving journey.

CareWise™ Organizations

Across the country, organizations recognize the need to respond to dual-employed employees who struggle with family caregiving responsibilities. Over 30% of American employees carry this burden, which costs employers an estimated 2% of annual revenue.

And the problem is getting worse as every day 10,000 American Baby Boomers turn 65 years old and enter into a period in their lives when they rely more heavily on family.

For every employee in your organization, it is estimated that costs of $6,000 annually are wasted on unnecessary employee benefits, leaves of absences, and lost productivity.

Employee-caregivers struggle with burnout, distractions, and absentee issues as they feel torn between responsibilities at work and coping with aging family members. For each employee-caregiver, the care cycle is, on average, five and a half years.

The time, productivity, and profits can be recaptured.

The time, productivity, and profits can be recaptured.
American organisations now recognise how difficult it is to manage the caregiving employee issue alone. A recent Harvard University Report explains the corporate crisis due to employee-caregiving expectations. But solutions are hard to find.

HR Center

HR professionals across the nation face the Caregiver-Crisis in their organizations daily. The HR Center offers solutions for HR Professionals to support their organizations through the Employee-Caregiver transition. By 2030, more than 7 out of every 10 employees will be caring for someone. Companies must adapt to this change in the workforce.

Profitability Challenge

The healthcare industry’s assumption that employees should provide care to aging and infirmed family and friends is outdated. Business leaders must address care-related issues to sustain a viable workforce where employees face continuous disruptions by caregiving responsibilities. The Profitability Challenge forces organizations to create strategic short and long-term plans to maintain profitability.

Modern Corporate Support for Today’s Employee-caregivers

Technological advances underlie transformations to the way we work, live and care in our aging society. Employers require solid CareWise Solutions™ to create change. Our aging society’s business culture must shift for today’s employee-caregivers. Fresh business alternatives increase efficiencies, improve care-related communications, and policy options offer a full platform to improve productivity.