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Let’s CHECKOUT the opportunity

what is this opportunity?

Your decision to become a CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultant begins with this outline.

For most consultants, this is a new area of opportunity unless you are already a Caregiver (perhaps caring for an aged relative for example).

So, here are the basics to get you started!

In this outline, CareWise introduces you to the information-rich area of Caregiving – and also to the emerging area of intersection between Employee-Caregivers and employment…. The challenges and the solutions.

It gives you some of the basic information, helps you to understand what this can mean for your consultancy services, and provides links to more information.

Many of the benefits for your consulting business are listed here (and expanded during the certification program). You will see it’s a long list.

CareWise respects your capabilities as an experienced consultant and provides, through CareWise™ Solutions Inc., the Certified Consultant network and brand and various support services… the CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem.

The rest is up to you to apply and adapt these to your clients based on your experiences.

It’s a process, and we help at each step along the way. Just ask!

Jeannette Galvanek, CEO, LifeWorkx Inc. is available by email at

Who is this Certified Consultant Opportunity For?

Experienced consultants – What is your area of specialization?

Any experienced consultant may apply for CareWise™ Solutions Certification – including but not limited to individuals consulting in:

  • Business Management
  • Business Services
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Business Strategy
  • Employee Assistance Services (EAS)
  • Corporate Training/Training and Development Services and Programs
  • Technology Services (The Hardware/Software Interface)
  • IT (Software Solutions Development and Deployment)
  • Career Transition
  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Remuneration
  • Financial/Investment
  • Marketing
  • And Many Others…

Who can obtain certification?

Only individuals can become Certified CareWise™ Solutions Consultants.

Businesses can sponsor their employees and can market the fact that they employ CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultants. In future, we may also provide a category of certification for businesses.

For example, many corporates may sponsor one or more of their HR personnel to complete CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultant training.

This is a strong marketing position for CareWise™ Solutions employers and sends a clear message to employees, future employees and customers that the organization is serious about best practice solutions.

Read on and you will find that this Outline provides you with preliminary information so you can have an understanding of not only WHY there is a LifeWorkx, CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem, but HOW it provides you with unique consulting opportunities.

wHat are the drivers?

the starting point? let’s look at the Harvard “caring company” report

“American companies are facing a caregiving crisis—they just refuse to acknowledge it. Rising health care and professional caregiving costs and changing demographics over the past few decades have put great pressure on American employees as they try to balance work and care responsibilities. Yet many employers remain largely oblivious to the growing costs of this hidden “care economy”—costs that hurt employers and employees alike”.

As an experienced consultant, perhaps you are already checking out The Caring Company link to discover what is going on here!

As you read The Caring Company report, consider these questions…

  • Who is a Caregiver?
  • What Caregiving crisis?
  • Who is an Employee-Caregiver?
  • What does the crisis mean for employers?
  • What does this mean for my business? And How can my consultancy services address these opportunities?

remember these numbersM




You will meet them later….

Let’s explain!

Maybe you are beginning to appreciate the rich motherlode of consulting opportunities that are in front of you as employers become aware of some of the implications for their business of the Employee-Caregiver challenges.

They impact every corner of every business… Including strategy, policy, cultural, operations, technology, customer service and especially human resource challenges like recruitment, retention, benefits, performance and employment innovation!

This gives you some idea of the scope of the challenges for every employer.

At LifeWorkx we believe that the Harvard Report clearly shows just what a major issue the Caregiver crisis is for US businesses and for Employee-Caregivers, but it stops short of addressing the actions that employers can take in safeguarding their businesses from this crisis!

This is where LifeWorkx comes to the rescue with its CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem of programs, information, understanding and action resources.

While these are aimed at employers, Employee-Caregivers and anyone else who is part of this Ecosystem, they are especially relevant for Certified Consultants who are looking to find their niche market providing CareWise™ services for employers and/or Employee-Caregivers.

The field is wide open now for you!

what does the CareWise™ Solutions opportunity
for your business?

We understand that terms like “unique” are used frequently… but as you read on, we are confident you will understand that it is an understatement in this case!

The CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem IS unique! We are at the cutting edge of supporting employers and Employee-Caregivers to address the challenges, their impacts and solutions.

AND LifeWorkx is the ONLY organization specializing in this area! At LifeWorkx, we are the trailblazers.

So, as an experienced and successful consultant, you have already established your reputation and “presence” with your clients! They will open the door to you when you come knocking with the CareWise™ Solutions story!

The respect you have established works for you as you begin the discussions that are needed to build client understanding of the Employer and Employee-Caregiver challenges that each business faces. By using your consulting skills and experience you are well placed to create a CareWise™ Solutions road map with each client as you explore the implications for their business.

  • For example, maybe you know that a respected senior manager in your business is on the verge of resignation because her Employee-Caregiver dual role demands have not been recognized or acted on by the C Suite colleagues. These resignations are avoidable and terribly destructive for most businesses if not addressed! Here is an entry point for Certified Consultants! The answers lie in the CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem, combined with your experience.
  • OR… HR can’t answer the questions “How many Employee-Caregivers do we have on the books? What are their challenges? What are we doing to address these challenges? What benefits work best for them? What can we do to retain our best employees as they become Employee-Caregivers?” For many organizations, these are important starting points for targeted CareWise™ Solutions We have the solutions; you have the capabilities to apply them.

are you excited about providing New services, programs,
resources…  & finding new markets for your business?

There are so many CareWise™ Solutions entry points for experienced consultants!

Being a certified CareWise™ Solutions Consultant opens new opportunities and markets built on your current foundations.

The CareWise™ Solutions Ecosystem is especially relevant for leveraging your good reputation and relationship with clients. It…

  • Opens the opportunity for additional business lines – and applies across all industry sectors – Wherever there are employees there are Employee-Caregivers!
  • Provides CareWise™ programs, services and products to build on, or expand your existing offerings.
  • Enables new marketing opportunities with existing and new clients – built on the CareWise™ Solutions programs, services and products.
  • Enables expansion of the client base and can open new markets with your existing clients.
  • Supports enhancement of your brand.
  • Provides opportunities to work collaboratively with other Certified Consultants including… building networks, addressing client challenges with team supported solutions and providing services to national clients looking for locally based services.

Essentially, we expect that CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultants are very well placed to use the Ecosystem to open and build new revenue streams.

It’s a win for Consultants and for clients!

so… What are the opportunities?

maybe we can start with these examples?

The CareWise™ business opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying client CareWise™ Solutions needs/opportunities e.g. Working with managers and HR for outstanding insights into each client’s business.
  • Introducing CareWise™ Business Planning and Policy Development.
  • Identifying what it means for your clients to become CareWise™.
  • Addressing workplace CareWise™ culture change.
  • Assisting clients to build CareWise™
  • Identifying and promoting CareWise™ technologies for clients.
  • Offering CareWise™ employment, recruitment, EAP solutions.
  • Assisting clients to build the CareWise™ Ecosystem (The Way We Work, Live and Care)
  • Receiving priority access to CareWise™ specialized information, understanding and action documents.
  • Implementing mobile workforce CareWise™ Solutions for high-value employee attraction and retention of a modern workforce.

Of course, we don’t give all our secrets away here. An expanded list is included in the separate Certified Consultant Manual and forms an important part of the Consultant Certification Program)

Why are these numbers important for your business?

These numbers are the drivers… and the opportunity
for you to consider becoming a CareWise™ Solutions
Certified Consultant

42M+ Employees are Employee-Caregivers

The research into the extent of the Caregiver crisis for employers in the USA conducted by AARP and others tells us that an estimated 42M+ employees in the USA come to work each day with caregiver responsibilities at home. Responsibilities that are very difficult to turn off as they walk out the door. Maybe you are one of them… It is very likely that some of your colleagues or your employers are.

72%+ of all employees will be Employee-Caregivers during their work life

We also know that more than 72%+ of all employees can expect to have Caregiver responsibilities at some time during their working life!

So, the odds are that if you aren’t already caring for your aged mom or dad, another relative or maybe a neighbor, or child… then at some time you probably will be…. And you will probably still be in the workforce!

24% of all emplOyees right now are Employee-Caregivers

24% is the approximate percentage of employees in each US business who currently have Dual Employment Responsibilities!

which raises the question…  What do we mean by dual employment responsibilities?

So – right now in US businesses of all shapes and sizes, 24%+ of employees work on-the-job as an Employee-Caregiver and then go home to work as a Caregiver… Double stress!


  • CareWise™ Solutions CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultant is are experienced consultants who recognize the business opportunities presented by the CareWise™ Ecosystem
  • They must meet the CareWise™ Solutions Consultant Certification requirements.
  • BTW, CareWise certifies individuals as CareWise™ Solutions Consultants… and not organizations. Perhaps we will consider this evolution later!

For Employee-Caregivers it means emotional, health and financial challenges… family issues over care, finances, treatment and longer-term options, doctor visits, arrangements with professional Caregiver service providers and government agencies, late for work, called home for emergencies, feeling unable to contribute fully at work, looking to quit their job, employers not aware or supportive… and the list goes on.

It feels like a lot more than a dual role for many of these Caregivers, as they juggle everything! Often unsuccessfully.

Want more info right now? Can’t wait… Here is the website link

what is CareWise™ Solutions Inc?

CareWise offers the Certified Consultant opportunity as part of a larger mission.

The CareWise reason for being is to address the employment and life challenges of Employee-Caregivers and to provide the organizations they work for with the tailored workplace solutions they need to resolve the employment challenges.

We call this the CareWise™ approach…. which creates CareWise™ organizations… AND provides great opportunities for Certified Consultants to influence and help build these organizations.


The CareWise niche is the unoccupied territory where the needs of Employers and the needs of Employee-Caregivers intersect.

By occupying this space, CareWise is-equipping organizations, in association with its Certified Consultants to become CareWise™.

This means providing CareWise™ Solutions information, developing understanding and providing action resources so organizations can adapt to the changing workforce dynamics and secure and retain the talent. This protects businesses from the internal and external forces impacting on their operations, sustainability and profitability.


CareWise provides Certified Consultants and their clients with effective employment and lifestyle solutions through its unique  Ecosystem framework of integrated Information, Understanding and Actions that Consultants support businesses and Employee-Caregivers to build from to address each challenge.

These Ecosystem components, in practice, fit together like a jig-saw puzzle to address the challenges and provide the answers.

In our Ecosystem, you will find unmatched products and services not available elsewhere. These are the building blocks for effective and creative CareWise™ employment solutions.

This is covered in more detail in the Certified Consultant Manual and the Certification Program.


“As the owner of LifeWorkx, CareWise Inc., Jeannette addresses the often-hidden impacts – on employment, lifestyle and well-being – of Employee-Caregivers and Caregivers generally who are often stretched to the breaking point meeting their dual responsibilities. Jeannette is also passionate about shaping national work, life and caring strategy as well as its local implementation.

Through CareWise, she focuses on bringing together the corporate challenges of a shrinking labor market and its linkages to the impacts on increasing numbers of employees with caregiving responsibilities.

She was educated at Quinnipiac, Harvard and Insead International Universities, and has held many executive positions with a global tech company which sharpened her skills in corporate and national policy development and implementation

As a mother of two daughters with special needs, she has personally experienced some of the employment, financial and other impacts of juggling her multiple responsibilities.

What do well mean by CareWise?

  • tThe term CareWise™ describes any action that demonstrates pro-Employee-Caregiver or Caregiver understanding and support.
  • CareWise™ Solutions can be developed and implemented by corporations, managers, HR personnel, Employee-Caregivers and Consultants.
  • CareWise provides ready-packaged information, understanding and action resources to support CareWise™ Solutions.
  • The use of the CareWise™ Solutions brand and logo is available to Certified Consultants for brand enhancement.
  • Jeannette understands the personal effects of mixing employment with caregiving responsibilities. Her Employee-Caregiving overload led to her walking out the door and never returning to her influential corporate position. This may help explain why the CareWise focus is on supporting employers and Employee-Caregivers find employment solutions that make leaving a job an option of last resort for Employee-Caregivers.
  • Jeannette is driving CareWise in new directions to identify and apply realistic solutions for business and employees. This next stage of the CareWise journey is implementing engaging resources, programs and processes that work to break the outdated caregiver ideologies and move caregiving from therealm of healthcare and government organizations into the mainstream of corporate and individual change and transition.
  • As Jeannette says: “CareWise now has exceptional resources available, and I cannot stand by and watch the same burdens happen as more than 70 million baby boomers age and need more care.
  • It’s time to bring all the parties together to find answers and create real solutions. It’s a personal mission with big goals!”

What are our business relationship basics?

The underlying principle is that Certified Consultants are responsible for their own business decisions. Certified Consultants are not CareWise employees, so CareWise is careful to avoid stepping into your decision-making prerogatives.

A decision to become a Certified CareWise™ Consultant is based on your personal criteria and understanding, so we will do what we can to provide the information and understanding you need. A well as providing CareWise™ Solutions induction, training, networking, support and resources, CareWise also passes through leads from organizations that it receives. In many cases, the opportunity is there for you to convert these leads into work.

what are the Benefits for consultants?

Being a Certified CareWise™ consultant means additional business benefits including:

  • Opportunities to attract a broader range of clients through the comprehensive range of CareWise™ Information, Understanding and Action
  • Opportunities to link to CareWise Inc.- the with referrals of website contacts providesto provide opportunities to jointly tender for government and similar grants as they become available.
  • Enhanced credibility through the “reach” and “capability” of your organization by its participation in the CareWise™ Solutions national network. This is very attractive to larger organizations who look for national partners for their solutions. This alone opens the door to potentially substantial projects across company locations… especially those looking for local service provision by large consultancies.
  • Enhanced “reach” and “presence” with your Consultant profile added to CareWise website, use of the CareWise™ Solutions logo and extending your consultant network.
  • Promote your CareWise™ Solutions success stories on the CareWise website and on social media.
  • Access to CareWise™ Solutions and social media coverage opportunities.
  • Access to specialized CareWise staff to support your programs – and Certified Consultants in your network who add capability.
  • Access to proprietary CareWise™ Solutions
  • Professional recognition through the CareWise™ Solutions brand connection.
  • Many others that we introduce in the Certified Consultant Program.

How do I access the CareWise™ Certification opportunity?

what is the cost?

CareWise adopts a professional approach to the certification, registration and support of its qualified consultants. This is a unique opportunity to be a leader in this rapidly emerging area of CareWise™ Solutions for all businesses and for more than 42M employee-caregivers.

This adds value to the brand and means that only experienced and capable consultants who have completed the application and certification process can access the full range of CareWise™ Solutions resources and services and market their services as CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultants, with the associated branding.

To support and develop the CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultant brand, CareWise applies the following fees:


Initial Application processing fee

1.Application Processing Fee $250*
  • This accompanies the written application on the official Certified Consultant Application form.
  • It covers the professional and administrative costs to process each application.
  • Non-refundable.

Initial Registration & certification fees

2.Annual Certified Consultant Registration Fee $5,000*
  • $5,000 payable on LifeWorkx approval of the Application and signing of the Certified Consultant Agreement.
  • Non-refundable.
3.Certification Program (3-Day Residential Group Program) $4,000* (plus accommodation, meals)
  • $2,000 (50%) payable on LifeWorkx approval of the Application and signing of the Certified Consultant Agreement. (Non-refundable)
  • $2,000 (50%) payable 10 days prior to the Program commencement. (Non-refundable)
  • Mandatory program for certification.
  • Includes Consultant Manual plus program resources.
  • Discounted access to CareWise™ Solutions store.

annual registration fees

1.Annual Registration Renewal Fee $3,500*
  • Invoiced by LifeWorkx 1 month prior to the annual anniversary registration date.
  • Payable on or before the annual anniversary.
  • Certified Consultant must advise LifeWorkx if renewal is not required.
  • Non-renewal requires the Certified Consultant to cease marketing as a CareWise™ Solutions Certified Consultant and to remove all CareWise™ Solutions references such as trademarks, logos and links from the website and all future consulting material. Effective from the anniversary of Registration.


  • All payments are plus tax where applicable.
  • Payments are non-refundable, except where this contravenes applicable law.
  • The annual Registration Fee includes quarterly required Zoom group online professional and networking conversations.
  • These are intended for Consultants to remain current with CareWise™ Solutions resources and client solutions, to share ideas, experiences, to build inter-company, interdisciplinary CareWise relationships and review customers’ needs and successes.
  • It is proposed that Certified Consultants participate at least 2x a year with each conversation being 2-3 hours maximum.
  • These will be advised in advance and the prior reading resources distributed at least 10 days prior to the online conference.
  • Other Certified Consultant professional support processes may be introduced, including but not limited to:
    • Structured small group processes to address key CareWise™ client challenges.
    • A CareWise Client Innovation Program Conference (annual) structured as a hands-on approach, and continuous learning cycle leading to a new program, products/services development to address client feedback, listen to each other, spot trends, address collaboration across their businesses for better solutions and open opportunities such as collaborative grant or funding applications and bring key people together for a customer-specific solution.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.

Are you ready to check this out?

  1. Your starting point is to download The Certified Consultant Application Process & Preliminary Checklist
  2. This is a self-assessment tool to help you consider the opportunity.
  3. After you read this document, and if the opportunity looks right for you, then…
  4. Download the Consultant Application Form
  • If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette Galvanek, CEO, LifeWorkx Inc.

Jeannette Galvanek

CEO, LifeWorkx

Phone: 855-797-8848