Support Employees Exhausted
by Caregiving Demands

Upgrading Employer Workforce Plans So Healthy Employees
Can Care and Work

Attention employees and employers

Ten thousand Baby Boomers have their 65th birthday everyday, so most Americans, at some point, will play the caregivers role.

This has created a 30-year Caregiving Crisis that needs institutional and family solutions.

Who do you know who is a caregiver for someone aging or who has disabilities?

You are not alone if more than one family or friend comes to mind.

Across the country, organizations recognize individual’s discomfort of doing a paid and unpaid care job. Over 40% of employees carry this burden, costing employers an estimated 5% of annual revenue.

The burden is on business owners to mobilize the operating environment, protecting their shrinking workforce polices while providing support for employees’ caring roles.

But employer solutions are hard to find.

Employee-caregivers have major issues as they are torn between their responsibilities at work and caring for aging family members.

  • Burnout
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Career growth delays
  • Extra care related medical expenses
  • Spillover impact on team outcomes
  • Presenteeism
  • Critical skill losses
  • 5 ½ Years of variable care – job interruptions
  • Talent attraction and retention losses
  • Succession derailed
Businesses need to recoup their losses from hidden care-related wastes. Discover your hidden care-related losses using this cost calculator. Employee-caregiver losses.


Care-Related Cost Calculator

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All members of the team enroll as Corporate CareWise Members with access to the CareWise Circle of Care – Amalgamated resources, self paced virtual workshops, expert resources and guides build awareness of the caregiving system giving employees answers to daily dilemmas.

Team based programs improve job performance and guidance for care related wellness needs.

Team Leader High Performance Series – Team Information to Action Modules

Employer Sponsored Professional Development and Certification Programs

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Front line managers are critical to upgrading the work environment. In the Team Leader High Performance Series, managers learn to overcome operational challenges of the variable work and care conditions.

Healthcare & EAP – Wellness, Work, and Caring

Certification Program Information to Action Modules

4 Modules

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The lines between work and life have blurred. So have the lines between healthCARE and caregiving. HealthCARE Professionals learn about the social, economic and employment shifts that impact successful patient and family unit outcomes.

HR Human Resources – Building a Sustainable Workforce in an Aging Society

Certification Program Information to Action Series

4-6 Modules

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Meeting Work and Family Care Commitments is the new business performance measurement. Human Resources teams learn to understand more workforce needs and reevaluate business direction for greater productivity, health, and caring outcomes.

Executive Collaborative – The Emerging Wellness, Work, and Caring Ecosystem – Preserving Employment in an Aging Society – Solving the Right Problem

Roundtable Sessions: HealthCARE, CHRO, COO, Digital Home-Health Leaders

Limited Seating

$999 Per participant

Understanding the impact Baby Boomer aging has on our society. A proprietary strategic discussion to view of the top 5 secrets to success for upgrading your business brand, workforce productivity and morale.


Individual Consultations

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The time, productivity, and profits can be recaptured.

The time, productivity, and profits can be recaptured. American organisations now recognise how difficult it is to manage the caregiving employee issue alone. A recent Harvard University Report explains the corporate crisis due to employee-caregiving expectations. But solutions are hard to find.

CareWise™ resources are available in the Circle of Care below.